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Healthcare Workplace Resuscitation

Healthcare Workplace Resuscitation
(HSE Approved)

The John Munroe Health Support Services is a registered provider of workplace resuscitation with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and provides all delegates with a HSE approved certificate.

This course is essential and designed for all state registered healthcare professional and others working on a healthcare setting.


All healthcare professional should be proficient in resuscitating unconscious patients and must attend resuscitation training every 12 months.


Non healthcare professionals working in a healthcare setting should also be proficient in performing CPR.


John Munroe Hospital can offer workplace resuscitation training at a competitive price.


We follow the latest resuscitation Council (UK) recommendations.
The course covers:


  • Management of unconscious casualties
  • Cardio pulmonary resuscitation theory and practice.
  • Recognise and treat a patient who is choking
  • Recognise and treat a patient in analphaxis shock
  • How to place a patient in the recovery position
  • Use of an AED and equipment familiarisation (if required)
  • The duration of the course is approximately 2 hours.

Certification : Delegates are continually assessed throughout the training and will be awarded a certificate of completion valid for 12 months. And personal face shield supplied.


Course Duration: The course is approximately 2-3 hours


COST: £35 Per Delegate
(we are also able to offer a discount for larger groups)

For Further Information or to book the training, please call 01538 394270