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Spirometry / Lung function testing

John Munroe Health Support Services can provide Spirometry or Lung Function Testing to ensure compliance with requirements under COSHH.


Many industries use dangerous substances in their procedures. These can lead to obstructive and/or restrictive lung diseases, and so-called sensitisers can lead to occupational asthma, itself a reportable disease under RIDDOR.


Industries with workers most at risk include those dealing with paint, flour, glue, resins, wood, pharmaceuticals, dyes, fluxes and detergents.


Spirometry can detect early signs of lung impairment, before a severe problem develops. It can detect deterioration at an earlier stage than X-Rays and so is an ideal monitor and method of prevention. Spirometry will also show signs of smoking and other lung disease.


The computerised test measures peak flow, lung volume and airway resistance to identify the possible presence of either restricive and/or obstructive patterns. The figures are adjusted for age, sex and height of the individual.


A file is produced for each employee, with a management report providing a summary of results. We will refer for further testing if required.
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