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Absence management - 'fit for work' assessments

John Munroe Health Support Services can provide comprehensive absence and sickness management. We can effectively liaise between employer, employee and any relevant health professional.

At John Munroe Health Support Services we understand that your employees are your most valuable asset, and need to be managed effectively. Therefore our staff aim to reduce both short and long term absence/sickness.


If your doctor provides your employee with a 'Fit Note' (DWP Link) or you have a staff member who has been of sick for a long period of time, our OH professional will assess the staff member and provide a report detailing what work activities the employer can undertake.


The interview with the staff member can be undertaken either face to face or telephone consultations (which save considerable costs).


Some of the potential benefits of good absence management:

  • A potential reduction in absenteeism and long term sickness
  • A potential reduction in the turnover of staff
  • Increase in staff moral
  • Quicker return to work in a manner which is appropriate to the employer/employee
  • All of the above may even lead to an increase in overall productivity, leading to a potential increase in profitability.


Please click here for more information on Dame Carol Blacks 'Working for a healthier tomorrow, 2008' review.


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